Ireland will decriminalize cannabis

Ireland cannabis

Another European country is about to begin the journey to cannabis legalization. Aodharn O Riordain, Minister for the National Drugs Strategy has been a breath of fresh air since he arrived in the job. He has been up front and honest with the public over drugs. On Wednesday there was a think tank with local and regional actors within the drug and alcohol field. The general consensus was that decriminalization is a good thing for society. There is no justification for jailing people for growing or using cannabis. It is a strong medicine and most importantly for Ireland, it is a safe, healthy alternative to alcohol. We all know the Irish cliche. As important as reducing alcohol consumption in Ireland, cannabis has another important benefit. Irish people are genetically more susceptible to getting diabetes. In all the research to date, it is understood that pot plays a vital role in preventing and treating diabetes!

In one stroke of a pen, alcohol consumption goes down and health spikes up. Add in an end to the drug turf wars that has endangered society and we have to ask, why haven’t you done this sooner?? There is still a lot of work to be done. This is the first time an Irish minister has openly called for decriminalization, there will be many more meetings and discussions but Ireland is now part of a European pattern. Portugal, Holland and then Italy, Poland, Germany, England and now Ireland have all had their highest officials calling for an end of the drug war.

Irish people looking to get involved should look to join their local Norml group or It is time to be brave, establish cannabis social clubs in your area and begin the conversation with your local police station. Cannabis users are equal members of society and we expect our collective wishes to be understood and respected.